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Aleph part I: fox, 2012

I / Not she has a story to tell. I / Not she makes, She / Not I tells it. It is a female tale, with many I’s and she’s, reflecting on the self, mixing muses from the past and present, forming visual and voiced palimpsests, as light as wings, with dark hirsute tails. I / Not she draws, inks, a mute cast from literature, film, the art historical past and elsewhere, and wills them to speak, retracing their steps, in a moving meditation on material touch, echo labours in craft. Both process and work are psychological and visceral. I / Not she lives, thinks, breathes, dies by the gaze and framing, makes up rules, her own set of controls and constraints to play with, manipulate the stuck single states it tries to impose. She might appear to submit, be dominated, then moves, is multiple, transforms to outwit. Her soft yet firm voice subdues it, has done since I / Not she, and many she before her, took up the pen to fend room of their own. I / Not she swings, walks a tight rope between mind and body, the too tight fit of XX / XY time faded jeans genes, between presence [I am infinitely caught], and absence [I am infinitely void]. I / Not she inhabits uninhabited clothing, gaze renders her a lass and a lack [swings absent], she acts out, moves in a performative moment in time [swings present], her body is caught as trace on film [swings absent], frames herself via repetitive series of drawings on the write right kind of paper [swings, swings]. Is brought back to animus animatronic life, via the oxymoron of stop motion, is rendered inter-temporal: that which is in time [swings, swings], now fixed and lost object, artefact of ‘liveness’, mort ,speaks mots, via nonsynchronous language. Is I / Not she there, not there, present, absent, fixed, infinite? A paradox in name and essential materiality.

You might find her at catherinelintonartist[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk


2011 – 2013 Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London, MA Fine Art, Distinction Award / 2009 – 2011 Citylit, University of the Arts London, Foundation Art and Design, Distinction Award / 1992 – 1998 University of Edinburgh, MA (Hons) English Literature, 2.1 Award

Exhibitions and Performances

2015: Contemporary British Drawing, 1-6 December, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts (XAFA), Xi’an China.

XAFA Flyer

2014: 51Zero Cross-border festival of Film, Video & Digital Arts, 10-12 October, POP Gallery, Chatham UK / Bitch: screened at Shot Through the Heart, 18 July, Southbank Centre Poetry Film Competition, London UK / She’s a bitch, She’s a bird, She’s a fox: read at Red Army Fiction, 10 July, curated by Alison Eley and Raven Garcia with Matthew de Abaitua, Jim Minton and Heidi James, Vinyl Gallery, London, UK / Bodies That Matter II, 22 – 25 May, curated by Sasha Bowles and Jane Harris, ArtLacuna, London, UK / Making Art in the Dark: read at Red Army Fiction, 16 May, curated by Alison Eley and Raven Garcia, The Gallery Cafe, London, UK / ART/converters !, 7 February – 2 March, Studio 1.1, London, UK / Faith’s Whistle, published at Library Interventions, 3 February – 28 March, curated by Sharon Kivland, Leeds College of Art, UK / Artist talk and screening, Listening Seminar III, 14 January, curated by Mark Fisher, MA Aural and Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. 2013: Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013, Jerwood Visual Arts, London, UK, touring to June 2014 / Prints and drawings at Pop up Print Shop, 5-8 December, ArtLacuna, London, UK / Artist talk and performance archive project, curated by Hannah Elizabeth Allan, Dimanche Rouge Festival 17-20 October, Estonia-Finland-France / I Read: i Book: performed at Reading as Art, curated by Sharon Kivland, 15 October, Bloomsbury Festival (Senate House Library) London, UK / She/Not I, performed at Bodies that Matter, 27 September, ArtLacuna, (Space Station Sixty-Five) London, UK / MA Fine Art Show, 5 – 12 September, Wimbledon College of Art, London, UK / Making Art in the Dark, performed at Sex, Death and Cocktails, 21 February, ArtLacuna, London, UK. 2012: Pulse Collaborations, E17 Art Trail (Pulse Recording Studio) London, UK / Constraint & Femininity, curated by the artist, E17 Art Trail, London, UK / Memoria Technica, curated by Christina Millare (The Nunnery) London, UK. 2011: Freud: The Divided Subject, curated by the artist, E17 Art Trail, London, UK


Shot Through the Heart, Southbank Centre Poetry Film Competition 2014 shortlist, London, UK / Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013, Jerwood Visual Arts, London, UK / Future Map 13 shortlist, London, UK / Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Residency Paris 2013 shortlist, Artslant, International / Jealous Print Prize 2013 shortlist, Jealous Gallery, London, UK / People’s Choice Winner 2011, Watteau: The Drawings, Royal Academy/C4RD, London, UK

Galleries and Memberships

Studio 1.1 London, UK / East London Printmakers, London, UK / Red Army Fiction: Incendiary words to inspire and ignite, London, UK